Competition on Huckleberry Finn – with the American Corner

Competition on Huck Finn

On  March 17, 2015 a competition was held in Class 7B of the Albert Szent-Györgyi Elementary and High School on the famous Mark Twain novel, Huckleberry Finn. The students, who have been learning English for two and a half years, read the book in the form of a second level easy reader. The competition was organized jointly by their teacher, Éva Meszéna and Samantha Peralta, an intern of the Budapest American Corner.

When Samantha Peralta visited the group, two students were very happy to wait for her at the reception acting as hosts. During the competition, Sam gave the instructions for tasks and also read the quotes from the book that the students had to recognize. The tasks involved quizzes on vocabulary, the novel and the author, as well as putting together a puzzle of a famous portrait of Mark Twain.  Sam also helped in scoring the work of the five teams.

Sam’s visit made the event very special and authentic for the students. They were also happy to take home the beautiful calendars received from her as a gift from the American Corner.

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